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10 Foods To Avoid For A White Smile

Hey Foodies! Are you looking for Teeth Whitening? Then we at Fresh Dental are here to help you.

There is some food which can unknowingly cause a problem with your teeth whitening goals. So here’s a guide for you to the food items that should be avoided in your pursuit of flawless teeth.


Soya sauce:

We all are aware of that dark colored sauce, which can change the color of the food and also add a flavor, but this sauce is terrible to the teeth as well. After a detailed examination at our practices in Indian Trail, Huntersville, Park Road, NC, we have observed that people who often consume high amounts of soya sauce typically have a darker shade of teeth.


If you are a diehard coffee lover, then this is a piece of bad news for you; coffee can result in staining the of your teeth.


Pickles are the most friendly choice be it over a sandwich or a toast, but Cosmetic Dentistry suggests that this can be harmful to your teeth because of the high oil and reliable content in it. So this is also a no to your teeth whitening goals.

Red wine:

Now this one is sad, but due to the high acidic content, red wine can wash away the enamel present and which can make your beautiful smile go wrong. And it advised by Fresh Dental in all of its 6 locations within NC (Concord, Gastonia, Hickory, Indian Trail, Huntersville, Park Road) to avoid the consumption as much as possible.


Now the problem is not with them, but it’s with the seeds present in it. The seeds can be really harmful once stuck in the gums and which can lead to potential infections and so it’s also a no to someday.


Soda is not really a good pick for your health, the acid content can be harmful to many organs, and one is the teeth and reduces the shine on the top layer and slowing making it pale. Try avoiding it to the best.


Candies are a guilty pleasure for most, but when we want those beautiful white teeth, a little sacrifice is a must. Therefore, reducing the consumption of sugar is best. Candies can harm your teeth and lead to decay also.


If you are noticing your teeth getting yellow day by day, then it’s possibly because of excessive citrus intake. Citrus can be really bad for your teeth and while diluted citrus can still be an option, but limited quantities are recommended.


Just like coffee, tea also has staining properties and can be harmful.

White wine:

The lighter the wine, the more trouble for your teeth. Though this is a light-colored drink but the acid it contains can be harmful to your teeth. It is not an excellent choice for your next dinner drinks.

We at Fresh Dental have our leading branches in 6 locations within NC (Concord, Gastonia, Hickory, Indian Trail, Huntersville, Park Road). Still, have questions about a whiter smile? Book an appointment online at a location near to you, and we’d be happy to discuss.