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Essential Facts About Teeth Whitening Everyone Should Know!

To have good dental health, cleanliness and practicing good hygiene habits are critical. But with time, your teeth lose their spark and go dull as food items & beverages leave their trail behind. Still, there is a way that brings the shine back just like in the beginning. This is where our teeth whitening service can rewind the time!

Here are some facts about Teeth Whitening that you should know if you choose to have the whitening done.

Want to regain your beautiful and youthful smile back? Teeth Whitening Service from FreshDental is here for that!

1. Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Damage Your Teeth.

Teeth whitening service is a remineralization and rehydration process wherein active ingredients open the pores of your teeth and remove stains. However, this is for a short while and is completely damage-free. The service is totally safe and painless.

2. Your teeth are like your skin. They absorb sustenance.

Your teeth have pores, and they absorb like a sponge. Sustenances like wine, berries, smoke, turmeric, coffee, etc., actively leave stains. Consumption of these sustenances and others leave their mark on your teeth and darken them over time because your teeth retain colors. Hence, if you want to remove these stains, a teeth whitening service is the best option. As the smudges are absorbed deep, even proper brushing and flossing can’t help.

3. You can experience sensitivity during or after your treatment.

There is a possibility of experiencing sensitivity 12-36 hours after the teeth whitening treatment. Sensitivity occurs as your teeth get dehydrated for a short while, and due to temporary dehydration, they lose their strength and can’t protect your nerves from temperature changes.

4. To avoid re-staining, getting teeth whitening done at night is recommended.

After the teeth whitening process, the pores of your teeth are a little more open, and if you eat or drink anything, there are chances of re-staining. This is why it is advisable to get the treatment done later in the evening. Also, when you’re sleeping & your teeth stay idle, the rehydrating and remineralizing process goes on uninterrupted.

5. You can’t get your caps & veneers whitened.

Caps & veneers are artificial materials and can’t be stained or changed. They are made of the color of your surrounding teeth, and they never get darkened as they don’t have natural teeth’ retaining properties. While a teeth whitening treatment wouldn’t damage the artificial dental work, it is suggested to get your veneers or caps fixed after you get your teeth whitening done. This way, your artificial additions will match your glowing teeth.

6. It takes several sessions for the complete whitening process.

Your teeth have been stained cumulatively for years, so whitening them in one session is impossible. While it may take around 4 days to a few months for a total whitening, every session removes a lot of stains. Hence, patience and appreciation will smoothen the journey. And the good news is that after all the stains are removed, maintenance and care are effortless, and you can enjoy the shiny tusks for a significant time.

7. UV light and laser teeth whitening consumes too much cost and give temporary results.

Teeth whitening through this technique is not advisable for sensitive teeth, even though they whiten very quickly. This technique speeds up the whitening gel to work faster, but the results don’t last for a significant period. Compared to the usual teeth whitening service, this technique is quite expensive and requires whitening trays and dental visits to maintain.

8. Lastly, you can’t expect ivory white if they weren’t such at the time of your birth.

The genetic makeup of your teeth has been fixed since your birth. If your teeth were shiny white or were a little off originally, they’ll restore to that exact shade. The teeth whitening service removes the stains retained and will restore your teeth to their original form.

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