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Finding Our Why

We all know that communication is essential. If things are not clear, then everybody gets confused and ends up not having a great experience.

Teamwork is all about having great communication. That’s why, when you put together a team of hardworking and passionate individuals it is important for everyone to be on the same page. At each of our locations, we want our patients to each experience the same excellent high-quality service and care from all of our Doctors and Dental assistants. We want you to be able to have the same affordable care, and clear options all cross our locations. We want you to feel like you had a great experience when you walk out of our office doors.

So how do we do that? We all gather in the same room and talk about what we need to improve on. Well, two rooms! Being able to get together all under one roof and improve our skills between Doctors and Dental assistant is very important to us. It’s WHY we exist and WHY we strive to be better.

We had two separate meetings, one which was about sharing patient experiences and education. And the other one was with our Doctors and Dental assistants on how to improve our skills to help better you have the best experience you can get at a dentist. We also had the doctors demonstrate their knowledge and skills to their assistants, like how to perfect the art of making a temporary crown. Dr. Bouali and Dr. Dunning worked with our teams to help improve their technical skills as well.

We want to keep striving for excellence and improvement. That is why we do these meetings and talks about all of our different experiences so we can learn from one another and grow our knowledge to improve your overall experience.