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Fluoride treatment is very beneficial in fighting cavities in your teeth. Cavities are the corrosion of dental tissue due to the production of acids generated by plaque bacteria deposited in the gums and the tooth enamel. To fight cavities, brushing with a fluoride toothpaste every day is essential.

Fluoride is a mineral that helps build healthy and strong teeth and helps prevent cavities since it favors the absorption of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. As well, it strengthens tooth enamel and delays and reverses the development of dental cavities in some cases.

In this post, we will tell you about the efficacy and importance of fluoride treatments.

What is fluoride treatment?

A fluoride treatment is generally a procedure in which a dentist or hygienist applies a gel, foam, or varnish composed of high fluoride concentrations on a patient’s teeth to improve dental health and prevent cavities. Treatment usually lasts a few minutes. You may only need to avoid eating or drinking for up to 30 minutes after treatment to allow the fluoride to be correctly absorbed.

There is also the possibility of using some fluoride treatments at home, but only under the specific direction of a dentist.

The fluoride used in the treatments is similar to the fluoride present in toothpaste. The difference is that the treatment contains much higher doses of fluoride and produces much faster effects.

Fluoride treatment benefits

As mentioned above, a regular fluoride treatment helps teeth to absorb the minerals needed to repair tooth enamel. Also, fluoride inhibits the growth of plaque bacteria, helping to prevent cavities.

Children and adults both benefit from this treatment. Studies have shown that the earlier children are exposed to fluoride; they are less likely to develop cavities.

These studies also concluded that children who received fluoride treatments during their early years were 43% less likely to have cavities.

Side effects of fluoride treatments

Like any other medicine, too much fluoride can have harmful effects. You must be very careful, or you could take a very high dose by accident or due to an incorrect prescription.

These adverse effects are infrequent today, but a very prolonged overexposure could cause adverse effects on children’s teeth and bones if not monitored by adults.

And in case of an overdose of supplemental fluoride pills, the high toxicity could cause: nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and excessive sweating, and could even cause death. Many children’s toothpaste does not include fluoride as a precaution. Always keep fluoride supplements out of reach of children.

Use of fluoride at home

Although fluoride treatments are performed by a dentist, brushing your teeth two or three times a day is beneficial.

Brushing your teeth after eating helps clean food debris and bacteria that could cause plaque, and consequently, cavities. It is also advisable to use dental floss to reach the places between the teeth where a toothbrush does not reach.

The use of toothpaste that contains fluoride and antibacterial agents enhances the effects of tooth brushing.

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