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For a limited time, there are 6 locations in North Carolina offering Invisalign for less than $3* a day!

Cities include Charlotte, Concord, Indian Trail, Hickory, Huntersville, and Gastonia!

Here’s The Lowdown On Invisalign: 

Having the perfect set of teeth is unfortunately not naturally available to everyone. It can be because of your genes or just how you were born. Everyone else in your family could have all perfect natural teeth, but you don’t. Why is that? Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw.

What can you do about it? You can opt for braces as many people do, but it is costly and time-consuming. You may have to wear them for years! No one likes the thought of that, especially with the teasing that may be involved if it’s a child wearing them. And it’s hard to brush correctly with braces on your teeth so more cavities and other issues could develop. Are there any options available? Yes! Invisalign comes to the rescue!

Your Smile Deserves Dedicated Care: 

You should be proud of your teeth!  And proud of your smile!

Invisalign can help you get the smile you want and result in healthier teeth.

You will be able to see the difference with an Invisalign treatment up to 50 percent faster than traditional braces.

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Gap Teeth:

When you smile widely, do you have space in between your front teeth? Or somewhere else in your mouth? That is called gap teeth, and when one more of your teeth have a gap between them, it can be hard to keep your gums clean. Pockets form because of your gap, and food can get stuck and trapped between your teeth. What’s worse is that it can cause gum problems for you!

Tender and sore gums are not a pleasant experience for anyone to deal with; try taking a picture while struggling with gum issues. That’s not something worth smiling about. It can also get even worse if gap teeth aren’t taken care of as it can lead to gum disease. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

Open Bite:

Have you ever noticed that your teeth don’t seem to touch together when your mouth is closed? If you ever felt like chewing and biting your food took extra work, it’s because of your open bite.  You shouldn’t have to do extra work with eating and not enjoying your food because of an open bite! You want to focus on the flavour and texture of the food and savour it right? Fixing your open bite is possible with Invisalign so you can enjoy your meal without working out your mouth.


Overbites are pretty common, and it is when your upper teeth overlap your lower front teeth. Almost everyone has some overbite; it ranges from a little bit of an overbite to an extremely deep overbite. If you ever feel pain in your jaw, it’s because of a deep overbite which can be problematic. It can also wear your teeth down too.

Crowded Teeth:

Sharing a room with your siblings is always tough, with a full mouth it’s mostly the same. When there is little to no space in your jaw, teeth are crowded, so they duke it out for the better spots in the mouth. The teeth can bunch up, overlap or twist in your mouth because of it. They will fight with each other and push other teeth to the front or back of the mouth. Talk about siblings fighting all the time.

When it’s a full mouth, flossing and brushing well makes it pretty hard to get every nook and cranny. Things like plaque and tartar can build up and lead to cavities and other problems like tooth decay and gum disease. So one issue can lead to many others. Crowded teeth can worsen over time, so you should see a dentist about your options for treatment as soon as possible.


When you smile, do people tell you that they see a chipped tooth? You try to think back to when that happened but cannot recall. A crossbite may be the culprit. That is when you close your mouth, and some of the upper teeth are sitting inside your lower teeth. They are also the source of your teeth wearing down, which can lead to other issues such as, receding gums or little notches above your gum line can be created. Bone loss or painful gums can also be a result of having a crossbite.

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With Invisalign, all of these problems can be gone, with less effort and time. You can also save by not always having to go to the dentist for fix-ups and wiring issues. With more free time from dentist appointments, you can enjoy the better parts of life and not have to worry about your teeth.

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