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Teeth Whitening: Is it safe?

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Also referred to as dental bleaching, teeth whitening is one of the most reliable dental cosmetic enhancements for enhancing tooth color or brightening your teeth. This smile transformation intervention eliminates stains and discoloration, crafting a radiant and gleaming smile.

The approach encompasses using different whitening agents or techniques to remove stains and elevate the teeth’s appearance. 

Teeth whitening has garnered considerable popularity for fostering a dazzling and brilliant smile. Nowadays, there is a growing trend of people seeking to elevate their smile aesthetics and increase their confidence and self-esteem. The procedure’s popularity has surged among dental professionals, people who need teeth whitening, and salons. In other words, owing to its gentle and non-invasive nature, this aesthetic dentistry procedure’s prevalence is increasing in dental offices, at-home kits, and beauty salons.

So if you are from Concord, NC, and want to consult a teeth-bleaching dentist for a radiant and sparkling smile, look no further than FRESH Dental. Our experienced dentists use cutting-edge methods, taking your teeth-whitening experience to the next level. 

Are you wondering, “Is the teeth whitening process safe?” Or “Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?” The answer is, owing to its minimally invasive approach, it’s evident that teeth whitening is safe. You can elevate your teeth-whitening journey with the guidance of our competent dentists, employing the safest teeth-whitening methods for desired outcomes.

The exact statistics regarding the popularity and prevalence may vary depending on the region and period, but teeth whitening remains a widely sought-after cosmetic dental treatment.

Solving the Mystery: How Teeth Lose Their Luster to Stains

Factors such as intrinsic and extrinsic influences contribute to teeth staining or discoloration. If you talk about intrinsic stains, they emanate from within the tooth or originate internally during tooth formation. They result from excessive fluoride intake, taking certain medications, or trauma. In contrast, extrinsic staining is due to external influences. Resulting of external elements that come into contact with the teeth, extrinsic stains lead to discoloration, resulting in teeth looking yellow, brown, or grey. 

Regularly seen as the causes are dark-colored foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and berries. Besides, smoking and poor oral hygiene also lead to extrinsic staining. These discoloration-causing substances include chromogens, intensely pigmented compounds that can adhere to the porous enamel surface or become trapped within the minuscule crevices and imperfections on the enamel. With the passage of time, these stains can build up, spoiling the appearance of your teeth.

Beaming Smiles: Unveiling Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Before we discuss the professional dental bleaching options available to you, we would like to reiterate that you must opt for a cosmetic procedure like this only if you know a reliable teeth whitening dentist in Concord, NC. You can visit our dentistry for superior cosmetic dental services. 

Now let’s discuss the dentist-supervised dental bleaching procedures available to you. 

In-office teeth bleaching

A dentist-managed bleaching technique, in-office teeth whitening offers greater potency or is a highly reliable approach. Executed by a competent dentist, this process entails the application of a high-concentration bleaching gel. They apply the whitening gel directly to the patient’s teeth, often employing a specialized light or laser to intensify the whitening process or outcome. Typically, a single session is sufficient to achieve the desired results. 

So if you want to opt for in-office teeth bleaching, you can contact FRESHDental. We are one of the most trusted teeth whitening dentistry in NC. Our advanced teeth bleaching technique will improve your smile and boost your confidence.

Advantages of In-office teeth bleaching

  1. Supervision and Assessment: Trained dental professionals like experienced dentists or dental hygienists perform in-office teeth whitening procedures. They establish if teeth whitening is a suitable option for you. Besides, they can pinpoint any pre-existing dental problems that need quick attention. 
  2. Higher Concentration of Bleaching Agents: In-office teeth whitening procedures typically use higher concentrations of bleaching agents than at-home bleaching products. As a result, professional treatments can often produce more striking outcomes in a brief span.

At-home teeth bleaching

A dentist-supervised treatment, at-home bleaching requires specially crafted trays to fit your teeth perfectly. Your dentist will offer a bleaching gel with reduced potency that you need to place into the trays and wear the trays for a prescribed period each day. The length of the treatment may differ based on the preferred degree of whitening. Your dentist will offer instructions for appropriate use, and it’s your responsibility to follow them to get the outcome you want.

Advantages of at-home teeth bleaching 

  1. Convenience and Lower Cost: At-home teeth whitening kits offer convenience, allowing you to whiten your teeth at home with ease. They are commonly more budget-friendly than professional treatments, making them a favored option for budget-conscious individuals.
  2.  Gradual Whitening Process: You’ll typically find lower bleaching agents in at-home teeth whitening products, making them suitable for sensitive teeth. The gradual whitening process enables a more controlled approach, and users can discontinue usage if they experience any discomfort.

We would like to emphasize that both professional and at-home teeth whitening methods can deliver effective results. However, they exhibit different levels of intensity and time frames for producing results. In-office teeth bleaching can yield faster and more dramatic results; while at-home methods may demand more patience, they are often more budget-friendly.

Mechanism of teeth whitening products

Teeth whitening products rely on a chemical process to dissolve the staining compounds and restore the teeth’ natural color. The typical whitening products involve using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as active ingredients. These ingredients are safe and revive the teeth’s original color.

You can discover the wonders of teeth whitening in Concord, NC, at our renowned Concord Dentistry. Our dental professionals offer personalized care and use the latest whitening techniques and products to remove stubborn stains. 

Active ingredients in whitening products

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) exhibits potent oxidizing properties incorporated into teeth-whitening products. When used on the teeth, it seeps into the enamel and dentin layers. As it undergoes breakdown, it releases oxygen radicals that directly concentrate on and break the chemical bonds of the chromogens, which are accountable for staining. This chemical reaction decolorizes or brightens the tooth, causing a more luminous appearance. The oxygen radicals further assist in whitening by oxidizing other tinted elements in the tooth.

Carbamide peroxide

Another prevalent active ingredient frequently seen in teeth-whitening products is carbamide peroxide (CH6N2O3). It is commonly added to at-home whitening kits. When put on the teeth, carbamide peroxide disintegrates into urea and hydrogen peroxide. As described earlier, hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in the whitening process. Whereas urea assists in the rapid breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, resulting in an extended-release of oxygen radicals.

As we come to the end of this post, we would like to stress once more that if you reside in or near Concord, Gastonia, Hickory, Huntersville, or Charlotte, NC, and are looking for “teeth whitening near me,” head straight to our dentistry. Our commitment to patient satisfaction and safety helps us deliver outstanding results, leaving you with a pearly white smile.