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Need Braces? Traditional vs. Invisalign

A great smile makes your personality shine, boosts your self-esteem and reflects your health.

If you feel that after attaining healthy teeth, you are ready to take the next step in making your smile more perfect and want to undertake an orthodontic treatment, we have some insights for you.

Mostly we associate braces with children and teenagers. However, with the rise of technologies that make braces almost invisible, hassle-free and non-invasive, we at Fresh Dental are seeing a rise in the number of grown-ups inquiring about adult usage of braces, especially the non-traditional braces like Invisalign.

Signs you need braces

Our teams of experienced doctors at our dentistries at Hickory, Concord and Huntersville look out for the following signs in your teeth, which indicate that you need braces:

Overjet: When your upper teeth jut out over your lower teeth.

Overbite: This is the condition when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth.

Underbite: This condition is caused when your bottom teeth overlap your upper teeth.

Crooked teeth: Crooked teeth are caused when you’re your baby teeth don’t fall out by the time you get adult teeth, leaving them fighting for space in your mouth.

The Spacing between the teeth: This is a common problem and causes issues with the gums.

Invisible orthodontic issues: There are certain issues that are not visible to the human eye and at Fresh Dental we use X-Rays and other technologies to assess problems with speech difficulty in biting or chewing, pressure or pain in your jaws etc.

It is important to contain these problems at the earliest before they lead to more serious issues like gum diseases, tooth decay, difficulty in chewing, chronic headaches etc.

Metal Braces or Invisalign? A comparative review by Fresh Dental

We care for our patient’s dental health tremendously and always ensure that you get preventive consultation.

Braces consist of metal or ceramic wires and brackets, which are secured over the teeth with elastic. On the other hand, Invisalign is a more popular alternative to traditional braces. Also, know as ‘invisible braces’, they are clear aligners that are less noticeable.

Whenever you visit any of our six locations in North Carolina, our teams of doctors will examine your teeth and show what Invisalign can do for you. Our dental offices present at six locations in North Carolina like Huntersville, Indian Trail, Concord etc. are equipped with the latest technologies to provide customised Orthodontic treatments.

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Choice of the brace generally depends on these factors:

The complexity of the dental problem:

Braces are better and a faster solution for fixing complex dental problems. Whereas, Invisalign is perfect for simpler orthodontic and aesthetic fixes.


People are generally conscious while smiling with braces due to unsightly wires and elastics. Invisalign is made of clear plastic that is virtually invisible. They are also softer and more comfortable.

Ease of use and cleaning

Since Invisalign is detachable, you can remove the tray and enjoy foods like gum, popcorn, sticky candy etc and for cleaning. Braces cannot be removed at will.

If you are still undecided about the choice between the two, schedule an appointment today at our offices in Gastonia, Park Road or Indian Trail to let Fresh Dental help you make a decision!