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The Questions you should be asking your kids’ dentist

Dental health is complex. Taking care of your teeth is as important as taking care of any other part of your body. This is even more crucial in the case of children. Showing them how to care for their teeth is important, it lays strong foundations for good oral health throughout their entire life, and prevents problems like toothaches, gum problems, infections, cavities etc. in their adult life.

Fresh Dental is a leading dentist practice across six locations in North Carolina that provides a healthy space for you to get comfortable with doctors and ask questions pertaining to your child’s dental health.

As a kid-friendly dentist, we have created our offices as comfortable and safe spaces for your child to have a positive experience every time they visit. Our practices are equipped with all modern technology and amenities for any dental treatment.

We are answering some of the questions that parents often ask us:

  • At what age should I start bringing my child to you?

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recommends bringing the child to a dental clinic when they are around a year in age. This will help your child in becoming comfortable with the dentist and the clinic from an early age.

  • How do I ensure that my child’s first visit will be comfortable?

Fresh Dental prides itself in being a kid-friendly dentist space. Our locations are relaxing and comforting spaces for children.

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  • What is the best way to clean my child’s teeth?

Children’s teeth and gums are very sensitive. They should be cleaned using clean dental wipes or toothbrushes meant especially for children. Brushing twice a day will be the best preventative measure, and ideal for their dental health. It should be done before bedtime to remove the day’s plaque build up and in the morning as well.

  • What should I do when my child suffers a toothache?

In case of a toothache, you should calm down your child first to relax them. Then rinse their mouth with warm salt water. If their face is swollen, place a cold compress on the affected area. Give them a painkiller recommended by your family doctor or dentist and immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist.

  • What if my child has a loose tooth? Should we pull it out at home?

You should avoid doing this as pulling the tooth out may damage sensitive nerves and the gum area. This procedure should be done only at your dentist.

  • How should we avoid cavities?

The team of doctors at Fresh Dental will guide you about the food and drinks to avoid and how to properly brush your child’s teeth to avoid getting cavities.

  • How often should we visit the dentist?

It is normally recommended to provide dental cleanings and routine check-ups twice every year. However, if your child is suffering from any dental issues, the visits should be scheduled accordingly.

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure. Routine dental care, right from the childhood, is critical for it to be less painful and less time consuming than dealing with it when it becomes a larger issue.