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Emergency Dental Services: 24/7 Dental Care

A dental emergency could occur at any time, so it is better to be prepared.

Dental emergencies are more frequent than you imagine. Pain in a tooth, a broken tooth, or even an infection can suddenly affect a person.

Chewing something very hard, or a fall or direct blow to the mouth while playing a sport, could cause a fracture of a tooth or even the immediate loss of the tooth.

You could also suffer from a cavity without knowing it and realize it in the worst way: suffering intense pain without warning.

Dental emergencies can be different, but the solution should always be the same: go to a dentist immediately, since neglecting a dental emergency could become a more severe problem.

What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Several types of dental emergencies could affect a patient, among which we can highlight:

  • Toothaches
  • Cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth
  • Loss of a tooth
  • Loss of an inlay
  • Infection or abscess
  • Sudden gum bleeding
  • A wound or injury to the inside of the mouth

How to Act in a Dental Emergency.

The most advisable thing in the case of a sudden problem that affects your mouth’s health is to go immediately to a dentist. In the case of dental emergencies, FRESHDental offers immediate care 24 hours a day. Depending on the dental emergency, our dentists may provide emergency treatment for:

  • Repair cracked or fractured teeth: these can be repaired through the use of resins, inlays, or even dental crowns.
  • Toothaches: this pain is usually caused by cavities, so the dentist may apply a filling treatment to repair the damaged tooth and relieve the pain. It could also be caused by pulpitis, so a root canal treatment might be necessary.
  • Dental extractions: If the tooth has been damaged in such a way that it cannot be repaired.

It may also be necessary to restore a tooth that has lost an inlay or filling. For this, it would be required to place the filling or inlay again.

Another emergency treatment that may be necessary is dental re-implantation. A direct blow to the mouth could cause tooth loss; if the tooth does not show any damage to its structure, it could be reinserted into the alveolar cavity.

Also, in a dental abscess emergency, your dentist can offer treatment to relieve pain and clear the infection.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies.

Dental emergencies happen suddenly, so it isn’t easy to be prepared for one. However, some small precautions can be taken to reduce the risk of suffering an emergency of this type:

  • Always carrying out a complete dental hygiene routine will ensure that your teeth are in good condition, avoiding problems such as cavities, infections, or even gum disease.
  • Do not bite or chew very hard things or foods that could cause cracks or fractures in the teeth.
  • Wearing dental guards when playing contact sports would help minimize the risk of losing a tooth due to a direct blow to the mouth.
  • Make regular visits to the dentist to ensure that oral health is in order, identify any potential problem, and treat it before it worsens.


In case of a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is go to a dentist. However, there are some basic steps you can take to respond to a dental emergency.

If you suffer from pain in a tooth or gums or a broken tooth, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with a little warm salt water to clean the oral cavity and relieve a bit of the pain caused.

In case you have lost a tooth, it is necessary to keep it moist all the time. It is advisable to place the tooth in milk and go to the dentist as soon as possible.

At FRESHDental, we offer our dental emergency services 24 hours a day. If you are looking for the best place to receive urgent treatment for a sudden problem affecting your dental health, don’t think twice and visit us!