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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Thousands of dental patients are recovering their courage to speak, smile, and laugh in public in spite of damaged and missing teeth. They are regaining the confidence to eat in the presence of friends and family. This new-found courage is a result of dental implants.

This concept is basic and involves three simple steps. The first step is to embed metal anchors in the jawbone wherever there are missing teeth. Next, small titanium posts are firmly attached to these embedded metal anchors. Finally, realistic replacement teeth are securely attached to the titanium posts.

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Dental Implants Last Longer Than Dentures

Jawbone structure begins to dissolve wherever a tooth is lost, and this can lead to genuine problems with facial structure and jaw alignment. Dentures simply do not address this issue because they are only placed on top of the gum rather than being implanted. Dental implants address the bone loss problem by implanting metal anchors in the bone.

Over time, the metal anchors begin to bond with the bone and maintain a solid foundation for facial structure, jaw alignment, and artificial teeth. While dentures will have to be replaced at certain intervals due to the changing bone structure, implants usually last the lifetime of the patient by preserving the integrity of the bone structure.

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Dental Implants Are Much More Comfortable Than Dentures

Dentures are bulky and unnatural. Implants are attached to small titanium rods that are implanted in the jawbone under the gums. This causes the implants to feel like real teeth. The natural feeling of implants makes it more convenient and natural to eat, and also results in a stronger level of confidence in your artificial teeth.

Dental Implants Look More Natural Than Dentures

Because implants are attached to rods which are implanted in the gums, the artificial teeth look entirely real and natural. Most people are unable to tell that the implants are not your real and natural teeth.

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